Kilgore Falls

I “save” adventures like this for the best of days. I know it sounds weird, but in my mind I have organized our personal Buckit List by level of importance and waterfall hikes are ALWAYS in the top. There are very few within a two hour drive of central Delaware so when the forecast predicted […]

Pennypack Environmental Center

Philadelphia has some pretty expansive parks and green spaces that break up the concrete jungle and we have only just begun to explore them.  Pennypack Park is north east of the city, and less than 15 minutes from the Insectarium so we visited them on the same day. Because the park is so large, we […]

Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavillion

Our house is an unofficial zoo. I think you achieve that status once you have acquired more than five different kinds of animals. Ok, I made that up, but we do have a bunch of pets. We are animal lovers through and through. Aside from that, I’m always on the hunt for rainy day activities […]

Let Me RE-Introduce Myself!

It’s been over a year since I have written a blog post. With our third kid joining the crew and our hectic lifestyle, time has flown by. We have still been adventuring, but documentation has purely been on social media as I never made the time to write. One of my New Year’s resolutions this […]