Fork Branch Nature Preserve

To say I am excited about this brand new trail is an understatement! It does get exhausting to have to drive an hour (+) for a lot of our adventures and it does get boring to go to the same few places locally over and over again so the Fork Branch Nature Preserve trail is […]

Short’s Beach

First things first… don’t go here! It’s not often that I do a blog post in which I tell you not to follow in our footsteps, however we found out the hard way that Short’s Beach does not have public access. We made it work because we had two antsy boys in the back seat […]

Kinder Farm Park

If you’re looking for something different than your average park, take a ride across the bay bridge to Kinder Farm Park. We are big animal lovers so when I found a playground-farm combo, it moved to the top of our list of places to go. The playground alone was huge! The boys loved the hill […]

Northside Park

The park of all parks. Located in North Ocean City, MD, Northside Park has it all. Playground, water, walking paths, exercise area, fishing pier, and more. If you are ever spending some time at the beach take a ride a few more miles south to check out this gem. Driving down the main drag in […]