Philadelphia Zoo

I’ll be the first to admit…I think I like going to zoos more than my kids do. On the rare occasion that the husband and I get to have an adults-only vacation, that’s the place I want to go.  Not to bars, museums, shopping…the zoo. You could say I’m a bit of  zoo expert. I […]

Coleman’s Tree Farm- Pumpkin Picking

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again… I am super cheap. I always try to use coupons, get cash back, find deals and not pay full price on anything if I can help it. Because of that, I have a REALLY hard time doing the u-pick adventures because you pay 3x as much […]

Camden Children’s Garden

How many of you have been to Adventure Aquarium? Most of you? Now, how many of you have been to Camden Children’s Garden? It’s right next door! Because we have a membership to the aquarium, we have gone pretty frequently for the past two years and never once ever considered going to the garden. To […]

The Buckit Blog Adventure Kit

I’ve casually mentioned in several of my posts about the “must have” items to take along with you on your adventures to ensure survival. Not literally, but as a parent. You all know what I mean. I wanted to make sure no one makes the same mistakes we have by repeatedly forgetting these critical things […]