Nature Conservancy of Delaware’s Ponders Tract

My guess is that 98% of you have never heard of this one. Before I get in to the actual adventure, let me tell you a little about The Nature Conservancy. It’s an organization with a simple yet challenging mission: to conserve and preserve our natural lands and ecosystems. In a world full of take, […]

Kitts Hummock Beach

Kitts Hummock Beach is pretty much identical to Pickering Beach with one exception. Both places are on the Delaware Bay so you definitely don’t want to be swimming there. In fact, we visited at low tide and the water was particularly muddy but when you take your kids to the beach it’s next to impossible […]

Flip a Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe crabs are some of the coolest sea creatures and are the perfect example of the importance of one creature in nature to another. Here is a short synopsis about them: Sometimes referred to as “living fossils,” their ancestry dates back 450 million years. FOUR HUNDRED. FIFTY. MILLION. You read that right. In that time, the crabs haven’t […]

Harriet Weatherill Park

If you’re looking to add on to your Philly adventures anytime soon, Harriet Weatherill Park is a great stop! This is one of the “newest” parks we’ve been to, in fact they were installing a ton of new trees on the day we were there. It’s only really been a public park since 2010 and only […]