Middle Run Valley Natural Area

Another Delaware gem hiding right in front of me! I’ve driven past it about a hundred times as it’s on the way in to Tri State Bird Rescue (which I volunteer for in case you didn’t know) and it’s been on “the list” but we just hadn’t gotten there until now. I had to take […]

Fenwick Island State Park

As farrrrr South as Delaware beaches go is Fenwick Island State Park. Located between Bethany Beach and Ocean City, MD, Fenwick could easily be passed by as it’s hugged by the two more populated areas but you just might want to give it a try. Even though it’s only a few miles south of Delaware […]

Odessa Memorial Park

Odessa Memorial Park is conveniently located right off of route 13, but has no official driving address. If you are unfamiliar with the area, you can use 628 Main St. Odessa, DE as a driving address. It’s a private residence across from the park so by the time you get there you should see the […]

Delaware Seashore State Park

While we were on a short family vacation in Bethany, we hit up a few beaches that we wouldn’t normally go to because of their location. More specifically, south of Rehoboth. Delaware Seashore State Park is located at the inlet bridge and because it’s a state park there is an entrance fee. $5 for in […]