Plumpton Park Zoo

Have I told you before that I have made it my mission to visit every zoo and aquarium within a 2 hour radius? Well if I haven’t, consider that my official declaration. I think I might not be too far off from accomplishing that goal actually! Plumpton Park Zoo has been crossed off the list […]

Turner’s Creek Park

This adventure was a “green blob on the map” selection. For those of you who are new to The Buckit Blog, one of my favorite ways to find a place to explore is to go on Google maps, and look for green areas. I then zoom in to see the name of the destination and […]

Sink or Float

I don’t know about you all, but my kids get bored with just playing in our yard. We often alternate between racing cars down the slide, or doing sidewalk chalk on the driveway. Blah. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite at the point where they will just go outside and play by themselves in the back yard […]

Adventure Aquarium

With Spring comes rainy days galore and kids going stir crazy in the house. In between all your outdoor adventures, you can include some indoor trips as well while still connecting with nature. Since I covered the National Aquarium in Baltimore already, it’s only fair to tell you about your other option, Adventure Aquarium in […]